Art Absolument, 20 ans avec les artistes

Art Absolument, 20 ans avec les artistes : Judit Reigl, Déroulement, 1975,Acrylique et glycérophtalique ©PH.BOUDREAUX    Art Absolument, 20 ans avec les artistes : Peter Klasen    Art Absolument, 20 ans avec les artistes : Ayman Baalbaki-Untitled, acrylic on cardoard laid on Canvas , 50x70 cm , 2019   

The exhibition

Extract from Editorial N°100
With artists If writers, museum curators, gallerists, art critics and collectors have always had the special attention of Art Absolument, those whose party is to make work make singular voices heard there. In fact, it was with the complicity of certain artists that the magazine came into being, and it was under their auspices that we created the Espace Art Absolument in 2017. And this complicity continues until these days, when twenty-two of them come with their works to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the magazine.

Liste des artistes exposés: Ayman Baalbaki, Carole Benzaken, Jacques Bosser, François Bouillon, Mark Brusse, Damien Cabanes, Philippe Cognée, Marc Couturier, Degann, Jean Le Gac, François Jeune, Peter Klasen, Christian Lapie, Najia Mehadji, Jean Michel Meurice, Yazid Oulab, Bruno Pédurand, Ernest Pignon- Ernest, Jean Pierre Raynaud, Judit Reigl, Vladimir Skoda, Barthélémy Toguo.


15/03/2022 - 02/04/2022
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