Lumières du Liban

Lumières du Liban : Ayman BAALBAKI, The End 2016. Mixed media on canvas and neon 220 x 400 cm    Lumières du Liban : Khaled TAKRETI, Baluchons 3, 2017. Acrylique sur toile 146 x 114 cm    Lumières du Liban : Iéva Saudargaité DOUAIHI, Le dernier temps, 2020. Photographie tirée sur mousseline, 135 x 195 cm    Lumières du Liban : Shafic ABBOUD, Les Cafés engloutis, 1990. Huile et poudre de marbre grec sur toile 115 x 125 cm   

The exhibition

Tom Laurent: Having left Lebanon "in pain" in 1976, you have not ceased to help your native country, through the attention and support you give to its artists. What words come to your mind about your relationship with Lebanon?

Claude Lemand: Our action speaks for us: the Claude and France Lemand fund and the IMA museum had programmed Algeria my Love, an exhibition dedicated to the Algerian artists of the collection, which would have been followed by Lights of Lebanon. The explosions of August 4, 2020 decided otherwise.

Extract of the interview between Claude Lemand and Tom Laurent published in the n°98 of the issue Art Absolument.


21/09/2021 - 02/01/2022
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