Tânia De Maya Pedrosa

1933 (Maccio)

Tania de Maya Pedrosa was born into a middle-class family in Brazil. Lawyer and collector of popular art (especially from Alagoas), she organized in 1993 and 1994, a large exhibition of artists in Rio de Janeiro with a catalog "Arte Alagoas". In 1994, Tania Pedrosa decided to take up her brushes as a self-taught artist to represent extraordinary characters, angels, popular devotions, folk festivals and other types of medium expressions. Her painting reflects a strong syncretic religiosity. In 1998, she won the first prize at the IV Biennial of Naive Art of Brazil. Her painting Popular Devotions made the headlines in the Brazilian media. It features individuals from Brazilian popular culture, such as Padre Cicero or Sao Joao or Lampi?o, a North American bandit/justice. The whole is composed as an embroidery where fabric and paint are often mixed. In 2013, she donated her collection of over 1500 pieces to the Casa do Patrimonio in Maceu. Today she simultaneously pursues her career as an artist and her career as a lawyer, the two enriching each other.

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