Sandra Ghosn

1983 (Chiyah, Liban)
Living in : Paris
Working in : Paris
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Sandra Ghosn is a Lebanese-French artist born during the civil war period in Beirut. She graduated in Illustration and Comics at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (2006), and completed a one-year internship in Printed Image at ENSAD Paris (2007). Her work crosses writing and contemporary drawing, as judged by her various publications at United Dead Artists (2014-2021), the installation produced for the Ferme du Buisson as part of the Pulp Festival (2018), the Mahmoud Kahil Prize (2019) received for her artist's book published by Les Crocs Électriques, her cover drawing for Samandal magazine (winner of the Fauve de la BD alternative at Angoulême in 2019 as well as her drawings exhibited at the Ddessin fair (2022, 2023) and the Moderne Art fair (2022), all of which respond to a narrative logic consisting of retranscribing the language of the unconscious into images. Today, she lives and works in Paris and is represented by the Art Absolument gallery.

"One of the first occurrences of the word Rasm (or "drawing" in Arabic) is found in the poetry of Imro' AlQais (500-550). It means the imprint, the remnant of the loved one in the sand. Guided by this transcription, I draw to connect images, carefully buried in my memory, to the Cosmic Intelligence. For me, the line perhaps represents a happy path to an area of joining, sharing and continuity."

Sandra Ghosn

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