SUMUS, La Fucina del Futuro (La Forge du Futur)

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Castello 5063B, Calle San Lorenzo
30122 Venise



The cultural association SUMUS, created in 2020, wishes to "forge" the ideals of tomorrow, by developing projects focused on humanist and ecological issues. It is therefore quite natural that SUMUS has established itself in an old blacksmith's workshop, located in the Castello district of Venice. Symbolically renamed "The Forge of the Future", this atypical place intended to awaken consciences will host its first exhibition entitled "From Chaos to Harmony", from 9 April to 17 July 2022. The disused forge will only be renovated once the exhibition is over, in order to reopen in January 2023 in a new form, under the sign of harmony.

Past exhibitions

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