Centre d'art contemporain Bouvet-Ladubay

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Centre d’art contemporain Bouvet Ladubay, Saint-Hilaire-Saint-Florent
49400 Saumur



The purpose of the Centre d'Art Contemporain is to revive the pleasure and spirit of "La Renaissance" in the heart of the Loire Valley.
The Centre d'Art Contemporain has 9 exhibition rooms and a hall-library, covering almost 800 m2.
This place was inaugurated in 1992, under the patronage of Gonzague Saint-Bris and the artistic direction of Benoît Lemercier. "We have modestly, but vigorously, participated in making contemporary creation better known to the inhabitants of the region and to passing tourists. By proposing a very broad programme, we allow visitors to confront the works directly, to like them or to reject them, in any case to refine their own taste and their own reflection," explains Benoît Lemercier.

"Nothing is more essential to the finesse of bubbles than art and artists. Nothing is more obvious for the radiance than the light of their creations. Nothing is more essential than the superfluous and yet intuitively appears here exactly in its place. A harmony between the wine, the place, the spirit... ".
Patrice Monmousseau

Visual : Centre d'art de nuit © Sophie Boursier

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