DDessins :   


26/03/2020 - 29/03/2020

La foire

For 7 years, DDESSINPARIS has been investing, during the Paris Drawing Week, the former Imprimerie l'Illustration printing house located in the heart of the capital. An emblematic place for this unmissable event that will take place from March 29 to 31, 2019.

This seventh edition confirms the major role of DDESSINPARIS: to be a springboard and a bridge, both nationally and internationally, for the young artistic scene working on drawing in all its forms - alongside gallerists and more established artists. An event that remains faithful to its primary vocation, to support, promote and accompany artists. Major partner of the actors of the art world, DDESSIN (19) will offer again to the professionals, collectors and amateurs, a rich moment of discoveries, in a unique frame and a convivial atmosphere.

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