Et nous dans tout ça ?

Et nous dans tout ça ? : Bénédicte HUBERT DARBOIS Déroutée 6 Encre sur papier japon, format 200 cm 240 cm 2022    Et nous dans tout ça ? : Béatrice NICOLAS Danser sur les lisières Papier découpé, peinture, format 120cm x 80 cm 2022    Et nous dans tout ça ? : Josée THEILLIER Pense Papiers, format 250 cm x 200 cm 2023   

The exhibition

The question is posed by the Déroutes collective, created in 2021, which is responsible for this exhibition. This "we" is also an invitation to the visitor to take hold of it. "We" is "you". This "all that" opens up immense, transversal, personal fields, those of creation but, much more broadly, of the inner noises, the clatter of the world.

Four women who are affected by everything that goes on in society, the place of the family, illness, death, money, the climate, and finally art. Everything is political. Four singular paths that combine their convergences without evading their divergences. The collective is a place of critical exchange, of unveiling, of freedom, of trust where creation becomes possible. The portraits in the collection of short stories Temps de femmes by Marie-Françoise Le Saux have found various echoes in the work of each of them, a starting point for very personal interpretations.

Extract from Marie-Françoise Le Saux's article published in the N°106 of the magazine Art Absolument. Publication date: 17 May 2023.


13/05/2023 - 04/06/2023
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