Pat De Wilde, La Beauté de L'âge

Pat De Wilde, La Beauté de L'âge : TIBET. Moine bouddhiste © Pat De Wilde    Pat De Wilde, La Beauté de L'âge : MADAGASCAR. Femme betsileo © Pat De Wilde    Pat De Wilde, La Beauté de L'âge : GRECE. Pope orthodoxe © Pat De Wilde    Pat De Wilde, La Beauté de L'âge : COREE. Poète confucéen © Pat De Wilde   

The exhibition

After having worked as an art director, studio head, collection director, editor-in-chief, while pursuing a purely artistic activity through drawing and painting, Patrick de Wilde returned to photography, initially studied at the ESAG, through what is known as the great reportage, as much out of an interest in the image as out of a desire to see the country. This resulted in some forty albums and multiple reports. The photographs that he delivers to us here are the result of a work, running over thirty years, with peoples often isolated and sometimes not very accessible. Exercises of patience, slowness and complicity that offer mirrors where we could recognize what is most human in us. Patrick de Wilde's photographic work has been presented at the Place du Louvre, the Maison de l'UNESCO, the Réfectoire des Cordeliers, the Grand Palais [Art Paris], the Descartes Gallery, the Musée de la Médecine, and in many provincial cities [Le Mans, Blois, Avignon, Saint-Malo, les Baux de Provence, etc]. Major exhibitions have been held in Venice, Florence, Hong Kong and Qatar. His work is represented by the Bogéna gallery in Saint-Paul de Vence.


21/03/2023 - 29/04/2023
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