Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor : Anish Kapoor © David Levene, 2021    Anish Kapoor : Anish Kapoor, Shooting Into the Corner, 2008-2009, Mixed media, Dimensions variable Photograph: Dave Morgan, 2021    Anish Kapoor : Portrait by George Darrell © David Levene, 2021   

The exhibition

A wedding of sex and blood

By inviting, for the fourth time, a contemporary artist to take over the walls of a museum haunted by Bellini, Titian or Tintoretto, the director of the Gallerie dell'Accademia has consecrated the work of Anish Kapoor as "the absolute essence of art". Count Girolamo Manfrin, a prosperous tobacco merchant, managed to attract Byron and Canova to his house to show them his collection of masterpieces, including Giorgione's Tempest, which has become the pride of the Accademia's walls. The Palazzo Manfrin having just been acquired by the Anish Kapoor Foundation, the museum has the luxury of a double retrospective of 60 major pieces. Barbaric and violent, the British artist of Indian origin will never have been as much as in his museums and palaces in Venice.

Excerpt from the article by Emmanuel Daydé published in the issue 102 of the magazine Art Absolument, published on July 13, 2022.


30/06/2022 - 09/10/2022
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