Mark Brusse, Shapes of Silence

Mark Brusse, Shapes of Silence : © Museum Beelden aan Zee    Mark Brusse, Shapes of Silence : © Museum Beelden aan Zee    Mark Brusse, Shapes of Silence : © Museum Beelden aan Zee   

The exhibition

Shortly after his participation in the Big Bang exhibition at the Centre Georges-Pompidou, Mark Brusse confided in the summer 2006 issue of Art Absolument magazine (no. 17) his eternal attraction to the status of outsider: "I don't try to be a witness of my time, I rather try to touch something non-temporary, not too much linked to a current event or to a specific place. By regularly working in places far from my Parisian studio, I am freely influenced by cultures that are not my own. The Dutch artist embodies the figure of the inspired nomad. Whether in the Paris of the "Nouveaux Réalistes", where he began his assemblages of used wood found in his attic, in New York where he rubbed shoulders with John Cage, in Japan and South Korea in the 1980s, or more recently in Benin, cultural wanderings are omnipresent in his creative process.

However, it is now in his native country, the Netherlands, that Mark Brusse exhibits his creations, at the Beelden aan Zee Museum. Although he is at home, the spatial dimension remains central to his work. The exhibition Shapes of Silence shows the artist as a composer of forms, sometimes harmoniously, sometimes dissonantly, playing with different materials, textures, weights and colors. "The shapes of silence" thus invite the cohabitation of matter and emptiness, where the sculpture depends as much on the object as on the space.

Maëva Markl


24/11/2021 - 08/05/2022
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