Jacques Bosser, Wax Spirit

Jacques Bosser, Wax Spirit : © Jacques Bosser, BABATA, 150x150 cm, 2015    Jacques Bosser, Wax Spirit : © Jacques Bosser, ELLEIN, tirage argentique cibachrome, 80x80 cm, 2007    Jacques Bosser, Wax Spirit : © Jacques Bosser, SUMU, 52x26x20 cm, 2020   

The exhibition

The intermingling of motifs and colours, the superimposition of pictorial layers, the symbiosis of foreground and background, but above all the cultural interbreeding. Through the exhibition "Wax Spirit", which takes the title of his photographic series dating from 2007, the artist Jacques Bosser handles the threads of history, starting with the fabric to touch mentalities. The flatness of the floral ornaments recalls an overwhelming reality - that of the African continent's struggle for independence from European colonialism. As the artist, who spent his youth in Equatorial Africa, depicts it, wax has above all become a cultural and political symbol, with an emancipatory scope.
Jacques Bosser brings together these different meanings to produce flamboyant photographic portraits, where the depth of expression contrasts with the two-dimensionality of the shimmering fabrics. The artist plays with the mixture of cultures, temporalities and techniques, since to photography is added painting and sculpture. The experience is total, completed by an installation made of traditional wax fabrics and lights, specially designed for the exhibition, in order to highlight the singularity of the place, which is none other than the former Carmelite monastery in Pamiers.

Maëva Markl


01/04/2022 - 15/05/2022
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