1898, Matisse en Corse. "Un pays merveilleux"

1898, Matisse en Corse.    1898, Matisse en Corse.    1898, Matisse en Corse.   

The exhibition

Matisse in Corsica: the great wonderment

If it is true that Matisse's art was born from the "luminous flow" of the South, the decisive encounter took place in 1898, during a six-month stay in Corsica. "It was in Ajaccio that I had my great wonderment for the South that I did not know yet, he had confided on his return. I was dazzled. Everything shines, everything is color, everything is light. Soon a revelation came to me. I felt the passion of color developing in me. In spite of the enlightening research of Jacques Ponsin and some articles claiming that "Matisse becomes Matisse in Ajaccio", without the purchase of La Mer en Corse, le Scoud in December 2019 by the collectivity of Corsica, who would remember it? In front of the wild and proto-fauvist splendor of the twenty paintings gathered at the Museum of Corsica - out of the fifty-five existing -, it will no longer be possible to pass under silence the "Corsican period".

Excerpt from the article by Emmanuel Daydé published in the N°98 of the issue Art Absolument.


24/07/2021 - 30/12/2021
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