Philippe Pasqua. Face-à-face

Philippe Pasqua. Face-à-face : Le Pape, 2021, Crayon et huile Sur papier, 230x200 cm. Courtesy galerie RX, Paris.    Philippe Pasqua. Face-à-face : Orso, 2020, Crayon sur papier et huile, 190x160 cm. Courtesy galerie RX, Paris.   

The exhibition

Exceptional extension of the exhibition until August 28.

Philippe Pasqua has sometimes drawn or painted his dog, he has also, throughout his career (35 full years of intensive creation at the time of writing), sculpted animals, a giant turtle, jellyfish, a dinosaur, a large primitive shark, sea urchins, half a whale skeleton, not to mention skulls, a Last Supper, a crazy merry-go-round... but the fact is that his "signature", his true passion, is first of all the face. Whose face? The faces of those closest to him, above all: his wife, his mother, his children, his friends, acquaintances he enjoys portraying, a young girl with Down's Syndrome, models he meets, and himself too, in a less insistent way. A large family, both nuclear and extended: all those who live with me, who gravitate around me, who feed my immediate social life. The vocation of this family, pictorially speaking, is to constitute an anthology, in an inventory that is more amazing than common.

Extrait de l'article de Paul Ardenne publié dans le N°96 de la revue Art Absolument.

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Tour Vautour
Domaine La Chouette du Chai, Cazevieille-Pic-Saint-Loup (Hérault)
À partir de juin 2021 (installation permanente)

L'artiste est représenté par la Galerie RX


27/05/2021 - 28/08/2021
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