Nabil Boutros

1954 (Cairo)
Living in : Paris et Le Caire
Working in : Paris et Le Caire
Artist's webSite

Nabil Boutros' photographs are born at the crossroads. Between East and West. Elsewhere and now. Like Japanese origami, these paper flowers unfold in a thousand perspectives where the eye circulates. As truths open and close. Religious, political or social. Multiple and unstable. They resist the simplification of the media and the spectacular. Because they are not consumed by the flesh of the image. Because they are not smooth. They have a chiaroscuro skin, and a slightly blurred grain. They attract and resist, like a body that gives itself and then suddenly withdraws. Bearing the wrinkles of history, like a face they look at themselves: in depth or on the surface, from afar or in detail. But always they question or lose in their night. And like the taste of a kiss, they are never forgotten. Because they remain, their lights, like a burst of colour. Buried somewhere, in the attic of the eye.

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