1934 (La Havane ) / 2011 (Paris )

Jorge Camacho was born in Havana on January 5, 1934, the son of a notary, lawyer and historian. lawyer and historian. At the age of 16, he met the poet Carlos Luis, who who introduced him to the poetry of Lautréamont and Surrealism. In 1949, he began self-taught, and the following year abandoned his law studies altogether to devote himself fully to his art. In 1953, he left to study Rufino Tamayo and Diego Rivera in Mexico for 1 year. He Mayan sites with painter José Luis Cuevas. In 1955, he his first exhibition in Havana. After the overthrow of Batista in 1959, he left to study in Europe on a scholarship. In Paris, he met the sculptor Augustin Cardenas, who introduced him to Margarita Ortega, his future wife. In 1960, his first exhibition was held at the Galerie Raymond Cordier gallery. It was there in 1961, at an exhibition of Toyen, he met André Breton. From then on, he took part in all the until its dissolution in 1969. At the Salon de Mai Salon de Mai organized by Wifredo Lam in 1967, he returned to Cuba for the first and last time. Cuba for the first and last time, where the poet Reinaldo Arenas the dictatorial evolution of the revolution. He died in Paris on March 30, 2011.

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