Yifu Fan

1963 (Pékin)
Living in : Pékin
Working in : Pékin
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In the wake of the painter and calligrapher Fan Zeng, his son, Fan Yifu, born in 1963 in Beijing, is also a painter of wash compositions. Listening to his eminent masters, Fan Yifu achieved excellent mastery of traditional landscape painting. It was from 1991 that he spent most of his time in Paris and focused on composition and broad style. With the opening of the Sinitude gallery, Fan Yifu and his wife Wang Wenli aim to encourage a multifaceted approach to Chinese culture and its refinement. Classic furniture, the art of tea with the production of teapots by creators, scholarly objects such as the brush or the inkstone, so many events which alternate with painting exhibitions.

Excerpt from the article by Christophe Comentale published in No. 108 of Art Absolument

Artist's issues

Issue 108


FAN YIFU A journey between heaven and earth

Rupture and continuity, two terms sometimes antithetical, often necessarily complementary. From this duality, all in all not very disturbing, the work of Fan Yifu, painter and calligrapher, becomes an excellent journey in the links between the landscape and the sign, but also in the impact which remains strong and elusive between what It is supposed to be a monochrome work if we exclude its reflec ...


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