Duo formé en 1998
Living in : à Bruxelles et Istanbul
Working in : à Bruxelles et Istanbul
Artist's webSite

:mentalKLINIK is an artist duo composed of Yasemin Baydar & Birol Demir. Based in Istanbul, they began their collaborative practice in 1998. They explore with undisguised dexterity invisible political strategies and social dynamics through ultra-contemporary devices of apparent lightness. The duo of artists reappropriate the sparkling and authoritarian visual language of the media and night spheres in a climate of sensory hyperstimulation generated by multiple neons, slogans, beams of light, faceted balls and confetti while playing with our unanimous attraction for sparkling and seductive objects. This is all the encryption work they call us, between the true and the false, the artificial and the superficial, as if everything was a matter of falsification.

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