Michel Duport

1943 (Paris)
Living in : Paris et en Ardèche
Working in : Paris et en Ardèche
Artist's gallery

Michel Duport is crazy about painting. And at the same time always very critical with painting. But rather than turning to his past, as in his early days with effects of paint with a patina of time, or towards more constructed flat areas in the exhibition Forms of Color at the Carré d'Art in Nîmes in 1998, he is currently trying to activate color in new mural forms. Crossing spatial and pictorial solutions as well as constructivists like Katarzyna Kobro as contemporary Americans like Richard Tuttle, Michel Duport seeks all the possibilities for the formal becoming of the color in space. He works as an artist who is not fooled, without perspectivist illusion or idealism of the painter, in paintings "without illusion".

Artist's issues

Issue 98

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