Joël Stein

1926 (Saint-Martin-Boulogne) / 2012 (France)

Joël Stein enrolled at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1946 and attended the Atelier Fernand Léger. As early as 1956, he produced his first geometric paintings programmed on a mathematical basis. From 1958 onwards, he developed the idea of the labyrinth, first in two dimensions and then in manipulable reliefs. He worked with moiré effects and the visual activation of the spectator. In 1962, his research on the chromatic polarisation of light gave shape to the first Polascopes light boxes. Joël Stein moves on to the real and interactive movement of the object, the playful aspect is accentuated by creations such as the Bouliers, Spirales, or manipulable boxes.

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