Momoko Nakagawa

1996 (Japon)
Living in : Préfecture de Shiga (Japon)
Working in : Préfecture de Shiga (Japon)
Artist's gallery

A participant in the Yamanami workshop since 2015, Momoko Nakagawa repeatedly traces the letters of her own name, "Momoko," with a long arm movement. The multiple overlapping lines gradually come to intertwine and develop into an abstract image, going beyond the original form of each letter. To do this, she uses common writing media such as markers and ballpoint pens interchangeably. Drawing in overlapping, she seems to enjoy the shapes of the letters fluctuating in front of her eyes, the touch and sound of the pens touching the surface At the same time, Momoko Nakagawa also uses coffee and stamps it on large sheets of paper.

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