Helen Rae

1938 (Los Angeles )
Living in : Claremont
Working in : Claremont
Artist's gallery

Born in 1938, Helen Rae has been creating art since 1990 at First Street Gallery and Art Center, a progressive art studio for adults with developmental disabilities, now located in Upland, CA.

Her drawings, in colored pencil and graphite, are immediately striking for their vivid imagery, resonant use of color and innovative reworking of source material. Using fashion advertisements as a point of departure for otherworldly journeys into the subconscious, Helen transforms the original images into something uniquely expressive, which possess a strange beauty and power.

Artist's issues

Issue 90

Artist's movies

"Demain dans ma Collection" : Helen Rae par Rebecca Hoffman

Entretien avec Rebecca Hoffman anciennement directrice d’Outsider Art Fair
à l'occasion de l'exposition d’Helen Rae
Durée du podcast: 5'03"


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