Bernard Frize

1954 (Saint-Mandé)
Living in : Berlin et Paris
Working in : Berlin et Paris
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What can I do with a paintbrush?" says Bernard Frize at the turn of a cartel - that of Mailles (2012). How far will this brush take me and what will it allow me to say, to express about him, about me, about our encounter? I always try to ensure that there is not only one thing on the painting, one thing shown, but that there is a paradox, an antagonism, a difficulty at work. I think it's more like this: I try to have a confrontation at work between things."
Everything is said. Or almost. With Frize, even if his approach is based on the application of a discourse and a method, everything is never completely finished. Chance is always allowed. Better, it is expected. As the accident. So as to oblige the artist, just in case, to compose with what he had not anticipated. Strategy and paradox thus find in him the conditions of an unpublished conjugation. And above all, these counterparts offer to painting the possibility of an infinite variation, of an open seriality.

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Issue 89

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