Nathalie Deshairs

1964 (Grenoble)
Living in : Uzès
Working in : Uzès
Artist's gallery

Remembering with George Sand that "we are body and spirit all together", Nathalie Deshairs observes, willingly or not, the appearance of a dancer in the detours of lines traced out of any thought to the pas de deux. "The frustration of the practice of the dance comes out in my work in a totally involuntary way. The frustration of the practice of the dance appears in my work in a completely involuntary way": in fact, it is the others who, before her, noticed these figures metamorphosing against her will. From then on, the one who has enjoyed technical virtuosity since her beginnings at the Beaux-Arts excludes any kind of premeditation, setting up the permanent movement as a method to better unlearn. After several years, the artist has finally accepted this specular presence.

Artist's issues

Issue 88

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