Jacqueline de Jong

1939 (Hengelo (Pays-Bas))
Living in : Amsterdam et dans le Bourbonnais (France)
Working in : Amsterdam et dans le Bourbonnais (France)
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"I like to say that I work on miscellaneous facts. Thus, in one of my works in homage to the Série noire, I invented myself a cover with Louis Althusser strangling Nina Kandinsky (1981). In my work, the narrative is linked to a political dimension. For example, as early as issue 2 of The Situationist Times in 1962, I wrote an article about Dutch colonialism. Recently I did a series, War, which compares the use of chemical bombing in World War I to the war in Syria. At the time of the situationists, we were all against the war in Algeria, against the war in Vietnam: we were all on the left, but not as politicized as history tells us. In May '68, my best way to fight was to make posters."
Jacqueline de Jong

Jacqueline de Jong receiving the Aware Prize, Ministry of Culture, Paris, 2019.

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Issue 88

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