Peter Blake

1932 (Dartford)
Living in : Londres
Working in : Londres

Born in 1932 in Dartford, Peter Blake is considered the leader of the second generation of British Pop, less intellectual and more directly related to popular art. After studying at the Royal College of Art alongside Richard Smith and Joe Tilson, he painted his first Pop canvases in 1956.
His popularly inspired works, which combined borrowings from the press and the tools of the advertising industry, contributed greatly to the emergence of the movement. The glitzy lifestyle then on display in the United States inspired most of his vibrantly coloured work. The stereotypical images found in magazines and billboards, unheard of at the time, were a source of inspiration for the artist. Boxers, advertisements, pin-ups and children's games, but also fairy-tale settings, elves and goblins form the Blakian vocabulary. Known for his work on the cover of the Beatles' cult album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967, he also did the covers for Clapton, Oasis and Ian Stewart.
"You simply can't make art without having this art history behind you": anxious to render this continuity between what is and what was in art, the artist combines these popular references with borrowings from the classical masters.

Artist's issues

Issue 87

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