Antony Donaldson

1939 (Londres)
Living in : Londres
Working in : Londres
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Although he was not a member of the graduating class of the Royal College of Art, Antony Donaldson soon became friends with Patrick Caulfield, Allen Jones and Peter Phillips. In 1961, he participated alongside them in the Young Contemporaries exhibition in London, which marked the establishment of Pop Art as a movement.
Antony Donaldson's creative process was based on the popular fantasy of the representation of women as seen through the eyes of an innocent young boy: the features are simple, the body and face of a very standard perfection. The aim is to show that these are not portraits of women in particular, but rather fantasy images formed from a young man's feminine ideal. He does this by using advertising and magazine images. As a multidisciplinary artist, he explores other mediums: to deal with cinema, he uses sculpture, for example, creating a work nearly 4 metres high representing the head of Alfred Hitchcock. After living in France for several years, Antony Donaldson lives and works in London.

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Issue 87

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