Aurélien Bory

1972 (Colmar)
Living in : Toulouse
Working in : A l'International

If he admits to a total fascination for Pina Bausch, "the absolute figure of art, the one who embodies the deepest thing", and if he admires in Romeo Castellucci the coherence that aims at the quintessence of his work, Aurélien Bory only took possession of the stage as a plastic space at the end of an acrobatic journey. After studying physics and working in an architectural acoustics design office, he thought he had broken with science by becoming a juggler at the Centre des arts du cirque in Toulouse and then an actor at Mladen Materi's Théâtre Tattoo. But if the principle of the being - according to Schopenhauer - is mathematical, one does not escape so easily from the combinatory art of the anti-geometry. His art of space, the Frenchman then patiently built it by drawing lines in all disciplines, circus, dance, visual arts and now opera.

Aglae Bory

Artist's issues

Issue 86

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