Thu-Van Tran

1979 (Hô Chi Minh)
Living in : Paris
Working in : Paris
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“It is through the lack that we say things, the lack of living, the lack of seeing. It is by the lack of light that we say the light, and by the lack of living that we say the life, the lack of the desire that we say the desire, the lack of the love that we say the 'love ; I believe that it is an absolute rule”, affirmed Marguerite Duras in Duras films by Jean Mascolo and Jérôme Beaujour. For Thu-Van Tran, lack, disappearance, oblivion create a new language. It is expressed as a journey, as a passage from one world to another. Nominated this year for the Marcel Duchamp Prize, the Franco-Vietnamese artist looks back on all of her work. A journey imbued with literature and melancholy, where the words, as much as their absence, remain etched in memory.

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Issue 85

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