Marc Devade

1943 (Paris) / 1983 (Paris)

A member of the Supports/Surfaces group - whose short existence, from the invention of the term in the summer of 1970 until the first resignations in May 1971, catalyzed pictorial paths of great fecundity - Marc Devade (1943-1983) produced, side by side, a first-rate plastic work and a theoretical corpus, notably as a member of the editorial board of the journalTel Quel and then as co-founder and editor ofPeinture, cahiers théoriques. Driven by the overcoming of a subjectivity marring the realization of the painting, he signs his refusal of the brush by exploiting widely the possibilities of the ink, letting it circulate by lifting the canvas on the ground. His canvases are more colored than painted, their monochromy is bathed in multiple shades: his delicate attention to the production of the painting through color resonates with American abstract expressionism, that of Ad Reinhardt in the first place, and the purified aesthetics of Chinese washes and, of course, Matisse. Recently, Marc Devade's works have been presented in the exhibitions Supports/Surfaces: les origines (2017) at the Carré d'Art in Nîmes and Déplacer, déplier, découvrir (2012) at the LaM in Villeneuve d'Ascq, along with those of Simon Hantaï, Martin Barré, Jean Degottex and Michel Parmentier.

Artist's issues

Issue 84

Artist's movies

L'exposition, Marc Devade, La Peinture en Excès

Conférence dans le cadre de l'exposition, Marc Devade, La Peinture en Excès du 25 Mai au 28 Juillet 2018
Philippe Sollers entouré de Josyane Savigneau et de Camille Saint-Jacques



Histoire de Tel Quel

En mars 1960 paraît aux Éditions du Seuil le premier numéro d'une revue trimestrielle, Tel Quel. Pendant plus de deux décennies, elle sera la principale revue de l'avant-garde littéraire et théorique, au long d'une histoire qui reste marquée par une longue série de manifestes radicaux, de débats houleux, de contre-attaques et de changements de caps âprement discutés. Elle sera égalemen ...


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