David Goldblatt

1930 (Randfontein (Afrique du Sud))
Living in : Afrique du Sud
Working in : Afrique du Sud
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Hitherto ghettoized in Bantustans, black color was spreading in newspapers and in white movie theaters. In those years," Goldblatt explains, "color seemed too soft to express the anger, disgust, and fear of apartheid." Coming from a Lithuanian Jewish family that had emigrated but put down roots in South Africa, the photographer raged against oppression, supporting the township revolt or marching in protest alongside black people. Goldblatt teams up with writers - such as Nadine Gordimer (also born of a Lithuanian Jewish father, a cousin of the Kentridges and a member of Mandela's ANC party before becoming a Nobel Prize winner for literature in 1991) - to interpret his photographs and show how Afrikaners established their dominance over South Africa.

Portrait by Warren van Rensburg

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Issue 81

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