William Kentridge

1955 (Johannesburg (Afrique du Sud))
Living in : Johannesburg (Afrique du Sud)
Working in : Johannesburg (Afrique du Sud)
Artist's gallery

A cannibal creator, Kentridge swallows an almost infinite network of influences (we know that he avidly collects Dürer, Rembrandt, Hopper or Beckmann), digesting European sources in the same way that Picasso appropriated traditional African forms. Constantly erased, erased and overprinted, his scenes of a past that does not pass leave the world of reportage to find the haunting rhythm of work in the mine and to evoke the haunting erosion of a mental landscape, like a trembling and moved palimpsest between memory and oblivion. "I practice a political art, that is to say ambiguous, contradictory, unfinished, oriented towards precise ends: an art of a measured optimism, which refuses nihilism", confides Kentridge.

Artist's issues

Issue 81

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