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I imagine that you continue to write in parallel with this relatively new activity of painter. Is there any correspondence between the two?

"I try to keep writing as a witness of my time and my painting, even if I lie a little, contains the joy of living, because it is necessary to hope and fight. In a sense, painting and writing complement each other. That's why I could say that I write the pain of the world and I paint its light."

Excerpt from the interview with Tom Laurent

Artist's movies

"Dans ma collection" avec Tahar Ben Jelloun Au pays des couleurs

Visite dans l'atlier de Tahar Ben Jelloun pour la série des podcasts "Dans ma collection" par Christine Siméone
A l’occasion de l’exposition “Les mots et les lignes” à l’Espace Art Absolument et à DDesssin réunissant des œuvres plastiques d’Adonis, Tahar Ben Jelloun, Zoé Valdès et Mâkhi Xenakis.


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