Gilgian Gelzer

1951 (Berne, Suisse)
Living in : Paris
Working in : Paris
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Gilgian Gelzer paints, photographs, but above all draws. This contemporary "drawing madman" has just presented with Pencilmania a retrospective of his drawings at the Museum of Fine Arts in Solothurn, Switzerland, where he is originally from. Living in Paris for forty years now, Gelzer brings to the eye a very decanted production but of a great abstract strength, renewing the perception of drawing. Under the title Vers le rouge, Gelzer is exhibiting this September at the Jean Fournier Gallery in Paris two sequences of large and smaller drawings, presenting, in contact with the white background of the paper, lacerations of lines made with colored pencils in ranges of red and blue. A drawing that goes beyond painting... a color drawing?

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Issue 79

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