Jérôme Zonder

1974 (Paris)
Living in : Paris
Working in : Paris
Artist's gallery

Strange scenes, sometimes unbearable, often disturbing figures, willingly disintegrated bodies: violence is at work with Jérôme Zonder as a vector for selecting the subjects he treats and determining the relationship to their materialization. The body, the question of its representation, the difficulty of the figurable, the expression of memory have led him over time to approach drawing in relation to questions of both practice and exhibition. Violence is that of great and small history, of children's games mimicking adults, of the Shoah, of Hiroshima, of Rwanda, in short, of all the dramas and all the cracks in a humanity adrift. In search of "the first image", as he says, Jérôme Zonder makes the scenographic choice to monopolize the space in all directions. Like an invitation to enter the very bowels of the drawing and to stroll through the diverticula of his thought.

Artist's issues

Issue 79

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