Guy Oberson

1960 (Mézières (Suisse))
Living in : Lentigny (Suisse), Paris et Berlin
Working in : Lentigny (Suisse), Paris et Berlin
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"If the small formats often come from memory or imagination, an important part of my work is made from a model. Sometimes, I invite people to come and pose in my studio for a photo session from which I work outside their presence. I also use certain images borrowed from the media that I recompose as I please by reframing them, such as portraits of Toni Morrison or Barack Obama. For a few years now, I have also been inspired by images of well-known photographers such as Diane Arbus or Robert Mapplethorpe. The intervention with or on the photograph is an intermediate phase, a first step in the creative process before drawing or painting. The initial image is certainly transformed significantly. Guy Oberson

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Issue 78

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