Anna Boghiguian

1946 (Le Caire)
Living in : Le Caire et le reste du monde
Working in : Le Caire et le reste du monde
Artist's gallery

In the 1980s, the artist began to represent what she called "inner journeys" or "journeys of the mind", which transcribed her taste, like the Surrealists, for the unconscious, literature, poetry or mythology (Oedipus and Antigone, in particular). But once again, we learn that almost nothing remains from this period... Because until then, Anna Boghiguian remains on the fringe of any structure (gallery, museum or collection) that could store, list or show her work. "The best thing is not to have had any exhibitions and to have been able to keep my work to exhibit it at the age of 70," she announces surprisingly, indifferent to any form of success, visibility or official recognition.

Artist's issues

Issue 75

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