Lydie Arickx

1954 (Villecresne)
Living in : Landes
Working in : Landes
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The work of this artist of soul and body movements has often been associated with New Expressionism. On closer inspection, however, it is to Mannerism and the Baroque that her painting is most strongly oriented. Beyond El Greco, Arickx wants to paint alone, like Michelangelo, and giant, and phosphorescent, daring to make gaudy marriages of acidic pink and bitter lemon, which may get some back up, but are the only ones capable of translating the lyrical implosion of bodies. These colours from elsewhere - which have nothing to do, for example, with the fluorescent advertising of Warhol's Marilyn - she has been using them since her very first series of pastel portraits in the 1980s, when Roland Topor had decreed that the young lady would be a sculptor. Muscular and contoured, twisted into strange positions, her powerful torsos are similar to Michelangelo's ignudi, mediating figures between heaven and earth. With Lydie Arickx, it is always the Last Judgement (which she painted in the Sainte-Eugénie crypt in Biarritz in 2014) or nothing.

Image: Lydie Arickx in her studio © DR

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