Gérard Fromanger

1939 ( Pontchartrain) / 2021 (Paris)
Living in : Paris et Montauto di San Gimignano
Working in : Paris et Montauto di San Gimignano
Artist's gallery

"Change life! ", proclaimed the walls of May 1968! And the artists to create a popular Workshop in the Fine Arts. Gérard Fromanger, already "young prodigy of painting", adored by the poet Prévert, Alberto Giacometti, and the sculptor César, embarked with the painters of the New Figuration to remix art and reality. With his flag bleeding in the Film-tract n°1968 of Godard, the "Red Fromanger" emerged from the color chart of Prévert will make the turn of the world. Major actor of a necessary permanent revolution that he carries in the heart of his art, questioning together the image and history in series, Petrified, Landscapes cut, Boulevard des Italiens, Desire is everywhere, Everything is lit, Quadrichromies, Bastilles-Derivas, Rhizomes Pastels-cafés ... Fromanger has attracted the interest of the greatest philosophers of his time, Foucault,

Artist's issues

Numéro 70
Issue 97

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