Omar Ba

1977 (Sénégal)
Living in : Genève
Working in : Genève
Artist's gallery

At first glance, Omar Ba's paintings, made of oil, gouache, ink and pencil, catch the eye with their colourful power. The union of black and white is illuminated by the vivacity of the blues, reds and oranges used. Perceived as a poem, the breath of colours, the energy of the flat tints, the rhythm of the lines, are first felt physically. Then comes a more detailed reading, which opens up the meanings and interpretations of multiple narratives. For each painting is built on a complex layer. Here the central motif, often a massive, immobile, powerful frontal figure. There is a profusion of scenes, narrative as much as decorative, which intermingle freely. These human figures are often faceless, sometimes covered with masks, sometimes skulls, sometimes hybrids, here a buffalo face, there a black rooster, an owl, a vulture.

Artist's issues

Numéro 70

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