Guillaume Bresson

1982 (Toulouse)
Living in : Paris
Working in : Paris
Artist's gallery

"I hadn't done a preparatory course, I arrived at the Beaux-Arts without any background in art. Coming from graffiti and hip hop, I didn't feel comfortable and I never really found my place in the school. I worked at home and therefore received little influence from it. On the other hand, some of the technical lessons were decisive for the rest of my work. I naturally gravitated towards the disciplines that dealt with the body, drawing but especially modelling from a model. We tried to bring out the structure of the body rather than copy its appearance. There was also the composition analysis course which made me aware of how bodies are arranged together. How it creates a narrative. But like in modelling, we were interested in the deep structure of the compositions without worrying about the narrative."

Guillaume Bresson, extract from his interview with Amélie Adamo, published in issue 68

Artist's issues

Issue 68

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