Shirley Jaffe

1923 (Elizabeth (USA))
Living in : Paris
Working in : Paris
Artist's gallery

"I knew early on that I wanted a kind of dislocation and complexity," says Shirley Jaffe in 1980. She adds, "There was always this desire, consciously or unconsciously perceived, to express the plurality of visual events." In attempting to describe the trajectory followed by Shirley Jaffe in her quest for the desired "plurality", one must also take into account the role played by dislocation in her art and in her life, not only geographical (the expatriation to France since 1949 and the crucial stay in Berlin in 1963-1964), but also that constituted by non-membership in relation to the other painters of her generation. It was only by turning away from gestural abstraction, an approach she adopted in the early 1950s along with many of her contemporaries, that Shirley Jaffe was finally able to achieve her personal variant of plastic multiplicity.

Artist's issues

Issue 63

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