Camille Henrot

Living in : Paris et New York
Working in : Paris et New York
Artist's gallery

Accumulation, superimposition, collection and classification appear to be the preferred tools of Camille Henrot. These processes are to be found in most of her works. For example, Film Spatial (2007) explores the house of the architect Yona Friedman, whose collection of objects literally saturates the domestic space. The video King Kong Addition (2007) returns to experimental cinema by superimposing the films of three movies dedicated to the mythical gorilla. Espèces menacées (2009) recovers old hoses from cars that are no longer produced and bear the name of an animal (Ford Mustang, Opel Tigra). In this way, Camille Henrot archives objects that are destined to disappear, just as one would preserve endangered animals in a museum. With Objets augmentés (2010), the artist finally collects commonplace objects found or bought on the sly in the Belleville district, and transforms them into abstract sculptures after covering them with earth and tar.

Portrait: © Joakim Bouaziz

Artist's issues

Issue 61

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