Clément Bagot

1972 (Paris)
Living in : Montreuil
Working in : Montreuil
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When considering the two sides of Clément Bagot's work - his drawings on the one hand, his sculptures on the other - the eye is very quickly seized by a certain vertigo that compels it to delve into each of them in an attempt to penetrate them. The exercise borders on the perilous, so much so that the concepts of point of view and scale are turned upside down, but it is irresistible because it invites the revelation of unknown worlds. To the discovery of a secret of which the artist is himself the "inventor" and the content of which is left to the free interpretation of each individual. In this way, Clément Bagot creates all sorts of architectural constructions and improbable, mysterious graphic compositions that intrigue, fascinate or confuse, but which never leave the viewer unmoved. They arouse curiosity and reveal wonders. "Curios et mirabilia", as was once said of the works in the cabinets of curiosities.

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Issue 56

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