Nasser Al Aswadi

1978 (Al Hujr (Yémen))
Living in : Marseille
Working in : Marseille
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Nasser Al-Aswadi, who has lived between Marseille and Sanaa since 2008, paints - among other things - pictorial palimpsests. On a surface made up of a texture of calligraphies that most often refer to the tales and legends of mythical Arabia, he cuts out, in small triangles, fragments of parchments where the words have become visual signs. He assembles them and stratifies them into as many centred shapes: circle, square, rectangle, pyramid, etc. "I borrow from the parchments buried in every house, in every door, in every piece of furniture in Yemen to bring them to the light and to the contemporary eye", writes the artist. His ever-refined colours refer to the mountainous massifs of the Hugariyya - where he was born - to the sand, the paper, the indelible ink that allowed the tracing of a writing that is both ornamental and symbolic. The work - the canvas-parchment - resists the erasure of time by capturing the matter-light of the immemorial for the benefit of a celebration of the present and a cosmic song where geography, history, the human, poetry and the sacred are combined.

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Numéro 71
Issue 93

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