Yang Jiechang

1956 (Foshan, Canton, Chine)
Living in : Paris et Heidelberg depuis 1989
Working in : Paris et Heidelberg depuis 1989
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Between transparency and opacity, between appearance and disappearance, between non-action and action, the "wu wei /wei" to use the terms that Yang Jiechang evokes in his video about his two years of study of the Tao in the temple of Mount Luofu. To be situated between fluidity and mutation, surface and strata, present and transfiguration of the past, Chinese thought and modernity, scientific culture and art, such is the pictorial and artistic approach of the whole work. For constructing an art of time in its continuities and disjunctions, crossing all practices (painting, video, installation, sculpture) and all countries - from France, where he lives, to the China of his origins and training, not forgetting all the places where he exhibits - is a continually renewed challenge.

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