Denis Darzacq

1961 (Paris)
Living in : Paris
Working in : Paris
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Renaud Faroux: Can we see in you a certain sense of the photographic tradition of the representation of movement since Muybridge and Marey?

Denis Darzacq: Yes, in a certain way I continue to question the determining elements of the movement of the body that they showed. But I work on moments when the body is not in a decomposed movement. I ask my model to make a movement and in the acme of this race to release the body. I build an unnatural image! When we look at sports photos, we see an athlete at two and a half meters from the goal and we can read the image with his face which expresses the action, the effort, the trajectory... I photograph this same action but with the body suddenly inexpressive when it relaxes at a given moment all the muscles and even those of the face. This kind of inexpressiveness creates a kind of distance.

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