Vincent Barré

1948 (Vierzon)
Living in : Paris et Saint-Firmin-des-Bois
Working in : Paris et Saint-Firmin-des-Bois
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With Vincent Barré, thought is rooted in a body. From then on, the sculptor can only admit his attraction to “paintings and sculptures belonging to periods which can be described as archaic or as signaling a birth”. The archetypal forms developed by Vincent Barré are tinged with a double constancy: first of all, an obstinate relationship to the gesture of the hand giving form, giving life and an unfinished quest leading him to grasp the structuring schemes that signal this buried mythology. Abstraction or simplification serve as the expression of an archaic symbolism. If the history of art previously had the place it deserved in the mental environment of the artist, it was from 1984, with the Fates series, that he brought it directly into play in his plastic work, associating references to the Quattrocento and admiration for figures of modernity like Julio Gonzalez or Pablo Picasso. His sculpture is refined and airy there to give way to a feeling of serenity, also palpable in his later works. Abstract, his vocabulary is completely abstract today, without however cutting ties with the carnal substance which constitutes its central element. In his recent exhibitions, whether in Rouen in 2010 or in Le Havre in 2011, his practice is augmented by a contextual approach: works from the collections of these institutions are placed next to his own creations.


Dictionnaire international de la sculpture moderne & contemporaine

Collectif Édition du Regard « Le dictionnaire est une machine à rêver », affirmait, songeur, Roland Barthes dans la préface du dictionnaire Hachette. Lorsqu’un auteur envisage de répertorier l’ensemble des sculpteurs des périodes modernes et contemporaines, il condense l’imaginaire de tout un pan de la création en quelques 1500 notices illustrées. La rédaction, entreprise p ...


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