Vera Molnar

1924 (Budapest)
Living in : Paris
Working in : Paris
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With artists such as François Morellet, initiators of geometric abstraction, she geometric abstraction, she co-founded the GRAV in 1960. In the tradition of Max Bill and Georges Vantongerloo, she explored the pictorial possibilities of a scientific procedure based on mathematics, questioning the place of logic in the creative process, as in the two series Mondrian and U-Pictures, produced between 1947 and 1968. The invention of the computer allowed her to develop this systematic programming. She remains one of the first to draw the contours of computer art in France, co-founding a second group in 1967. The distribution of geometric elements: squares, lines, or circles, subject to repetition or symmetry, leaves a place for chance, which confers a share of unfinished business to her work, always in the making. In the 1990s, she entered a phase of experimentation, the elements of her paintings undergoing various plastic mutations: copies, torn collages, photographs, photocopies. She was exhibited in 2007 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Rouen, and in 2009 at the Frac de Lorraine. A retrospective was also devoted to her in 2004 in Germany.

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