Marie Bovo

1967 (Alicante, Espagne)
Living in : entre Paris et Marseille
Working in : entre Paris et Marseille
Artist's gallery

"(...) For a long time I have photographed at night. In my first series, the Suites, the Beaches, the views of Tokyo, the night was both a territory and a working protocol. An extensive territory whose limits are neither geographical nor even material. The night has no precise edges, it can move at the whim of urban lighting, of a light that goes on or off somewhere. And, beyond the obvious particularities that distinguish a night on an urban beach in Marseille or Alicante from a night in Tokyo, it is when the darkness closes in on itself that a limit is reached. So I photographed the night and filmed it afterwards, I wasn't thinking only of its plastic qualities, of a certain "cinematrality", if we can accept this neologism, or even of its sociological dimensions. All that was self-evident. And we can say that at the beginning of the 2000s, when I made these first series, at least those of the landscape type, there was a movement to rediscover the night. The night had acquired an incredibly high fiction coefficient. But that wasn't what interested me."

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